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Our expedition services

Check our safety record, unmatched in Tibet

Ready for the big ones? We are ready to help you in whatever way you need - talk with us.

Our teams have had good, safe successes (see our comprehensive Expedition history). Ours is not a race to the bottom price but a climb to the summit effort.
We are serious about running the best expeditions and our teams are smaller than most comparable outfits.

We are in the process of updating our expeditions with better info and better trips.

Tom kowpak summits Everest

2012: Tom Kowpak on the summit of Everest - Jamie

2015 Everest

2015 Everest Expedition - Tibet

Guide-assisted with full support, surprising flexibility, the best weather forecasts, spare oxygen, email and plenty of other services. Above all we are dedicated to your safety and success.

8 Apr-6 June, 60 days -- Jamie McGuinness -- US$40,000

Our service

Our 8000m service

We have been running big peaks since 1999 and our professionally led/guide-assisted service is completely comparable to Jagged Globe, Adventure Peaks and the like. The differences between IMG, AAI, Adventure Consultants and other top operators is we don't fix guide ratios or always include doctor services.

We appreciate you have plenty of choice and above all we hope you end up booking with the right operator for you. Do read over inveterate climber Alan Arnette's recommendations and see what he says about Project Himalaya.

Your crew

We have a solid team of climbing sherpas and expedition cooks who have worked with us for years.

Safety on our guided climbs

For guide-assisted climbs on 8000m peaks safety is paramount. We have the best walkie-talkies, emergency oxygen and a comprehensive medical kit. Also a big part of safety is common sense, altitude sense and experience, and making good judgment calls; that is what your leader-guide is for.

In nearly 20x 8000m expeditions under Jamie's leadership, we have had only had two cases of frostbite and one evacuation off the mountain. We have had no deaths.

Who are you dealing with?

You are in good hands. The expedition services are organized by Expedition Himalaya (Private) Limited, a Kathmandu-based company. The Managing Director is Nabin Trital and Operations Director is Dawa Gelje, who both have more than 15 years experience in the trekking and expedition industry and have been working together with Jamie for more than 10 years.

Jamie McGuinness has been trekking and climbing in Nepal since 1988 and has written several guide books on Nepal including 'Trekking in the Everest Region' - now in the 6th edition.

Jamie has climbed many 6000m peaks and beginning in 1999 has summitted 8000m peaks more than a dozen times.

He has proved to be a capable, caring organizer and strong at altitude. Sherpas enjoy working with him, not just because he speaks Nepali.

The differences

We prefer to run expeditions with lower numbers of members, 4-9 is nice, the big guns run 8-24, which often means things are less adaptable. But the downside of running small teams is that there are less guides, usually just Jamie and the sherpa team (and hence we prefer the term professionally-lead expeditions). Our process of discussing safety and weather issues is far more consultative, which often means we take a finer line.

Contacting us

Interested and have questions? Please contact us...

I would like to know a few details about you:

- your ambitions (ie guide-assisted climb or base camp support, which mountain, season)

- your previous altitude experience

- are you a mountaineer?

- possible number of members

- Skype name/telephone number, time zone and better times to call



Warning: 8000m peaks are EXTREMELY demanding; requiring lots of willpower, tolerance of harsh conditions and reasonable fitness - do you have what it takes?

We look forward to meeting you!

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