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To join one of our trips you must have comprehensive travel and medical insurance. We don't arrange or sell insurance.

Trek and travel insurance

For our treks in Nepal you will want emergency health insurance that includes trekking at higher altitudes (called different things, but usually high-risk activities or adventure holidays...) and helicopter evacuation. If trekking/climbing in India in theory helicopter evacuation is possible, in practice it usually doesn't happen. In Tibet there is no possibility of helicopter rescue.

Be sure that the policy covers all that we are doing on the trek, whether it is just trekking or also guided mountaineering, and there is a difference between roped or unroped climbing too.

First options

First talk with your household insurer, your medical insurer (especially if you live in the USA or Canada) or your travel agent. Your household insurer or your medical insurer should be able to offer a cheaper policy than a travel agent, however ensure it covers the specific activities of your tour, such as trekking or guided mountaineering.

Other options

Search the internet.

Here is a list of companies that provide health and travel insurance for both long and short trips, both travelers and expats, just about everything you need is here.

JSInsurance.co.uk - specifically tailored for trekking; and UK clients especially, are better dealing with a UK company...

IHI.com, based in Denmark - they used to have no exclusions; now they exclude roped climbing










And here is an adventure travel primer, with a handy link too.

Specific insurance

The above should cover everything but it is also possible to get separate insurance deals, and if you are a frequent flier having lost luggage, trip cancellation insurance separate from medical insurance makes sense.

Rescue Insurance can be available through the American Alpine Club's recommended company Global Rescue.


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