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"You guys all burn brightly." - John Shortt-Smith

If you are interested to join us - Please get in touch!
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First - who are we?

Basically Project Himalaya is Jamie McGuinness and Kim Bannister. We organize and run every aspect of our trips ourselves, working in partnership with good local companies. Project Himalaya is an internet-based business, we live much of the year in Nepal-India and each spends around 6 months a year in the mountains.

Our business model is lean; we are officeless, only a laptop each. The trip leader is responsible for the trip as a whole, including the web pages, email, organizing and leading. This means virtually all of your money goes directly on the ground operation, not a head office. Jamie handles the marketing and website.

Second - your suitability

Our team members/clients are a diverse bunch of people - we run diverse trips, but virtually all are professionals with a degree. Most people are in their 30's to 50's, occasionally older but very fit, and from a surprising range of countries, in 2013 from USA, UK, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Chile, Sweden, Middle-East expats and more. Many have not trekked/climbed with a group/team previously.

We enjoy being social in the evenings; light banter, intellectual discussions, enjoy it all. In 2013 around 100 trekkers-climbers joined us, around 40% of them previous clients - friends - came again, see Previous treks.

Third - the process

Please give us at least a few details and these will help understand your needs better:

+ Your name

+ Your email address

+ Your telephone number (home land line, preferably), time zone and better times to call

+ Which treks/climbs appeal

+ Your hiking or trekking experience, especially if you have been trekking in Asia before

We are happy to spend time sorting out which trek is best for you then answering questions important to you.

Preferably enquire and plan 3-8 months in advance to get the best deal on your international flights.

After you have made an enquiry (and yes, our email address is below, for you to do this!):


When you are happy with the arrangements then book your international flights and travel insurance. Then sign the "Acknowledgement of Risk, Waiver and Release", fill in the "Contract and Booking form" then pay a deposit - all from the top left links.


In short, for treks we need a non-refundable deposit of US$750 (more for some trips) per person. The balance can be paid prior to the start of the trek or on arrival in Kathmandu/Leh; please discuss with us.

Insurance and liability

It is a fundamental condition of booking that you accept that this is an adventure holiday where you may be exposed to risks different from every day life. We provide advice to the best of our abilities, take reasonable precautions within our skill levels and within the budget constraints of the trip. Ultimately, however, we accept NO liability. For treks you must have travel insurance.

Contacting us

Email is the best way. Finally - our email address!


You should bring a smile, your sense of adventure and a curiosity to learn about other cultures and ways of life.

(In other words, our treks are fun and well organized and we are very helpful but if you are particularly fussy, awkward, grumpy or otherwise generally a pain in the butt, book with someone else. We don't suffer fools gladly.)

We look forward to meeting you!

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