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Everest 2005



Road  trip

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Road trip!

Cruising Lhasa to Shigatse to Everest Base Camp

Travelling in luxury Landcruisers we stayed in luxury in Shigatse

8 April - to Shigatse

Leaving Lhasa we initially followed the new rail line, still under construction, but already an incredible feat of engineering; no less intriguing was a geothermal power station we also passed. Several spectacular mountain passes later we were in Shigatse.

The modern plaza in front of the Tashilumpo monastery is bizarre, bronze sculptures of tourists admiring Tibetans, and still its meaning is dubious to us.

9 April - to New Tingri

The second day of the road trip, here we are cruising:

10 April - to Everest Base Camp

We crossed the 5200m Pang La, so windy we could barely stand, to this view of the road down, and Everest in the corner with jet stream cloud spilling off it:

Our BC dispatch soon!

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