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Everest 2005



Road  trip

Base camp


Everest Base Camp

We arrive to meet the crew and high winds

We should feel glad to be here but where are the soft white sheets?

10 April - arriving Everest BC 5165m

We arrived at lunchtime to savage winds. Sukhi and the crew have already been here 5 nights, beating the Maoist strike.

The wind-destroyed tents of the Indian Women's expedition; they were not in them.
From BC we have a great view of the fearsome north face of Everest/Chomolungma (the Tibetan name).

11 April - base camp

Very windy. Today was Sukhi's 34th birthday. Naturally the crew made a cake but kindly only put one candle. Sukhi doesn't eat eggs so there was no egg-white icing but the custard was great!

Sukhi, Dawa, Da'Oangchu and Julian seated

12 April - Base camp

The cloud was still streaming off Everest but there was less wind at BC so we put up our small 'spare' dining tent.

Our Mountain Hardwear Satellite Station, looks small on the outside but is big on the inside; Everest in the background.

Moe and Julian: a celebratory Red Bull - in China it comes in small gold cans and no fizz but quite some kick - we are all addicted!

13 April - ice walking day trip

A classic long mornings walk. We explored a side valley, the one where our drinking water comes from (who peed in it?!). Moe and Julian had a look up yesterday and today suggested we take crampons so we walked up the frozen river.

Julian in action

Jamie dreams of the possibilities further up the valley, by Julian

Above is as far as Julian and Jamie explored. Our intention tomorrow is to pack 3 days food and camp up here for some extra acclimatization. We will be out of touch for several days, the only extra technology joining us might be our iPod Shuffles.

Julian's fiancée, Clara, tomorrow leaves for Darfur, Sudan working for Medicines Du Monde in a refugee camp. We are not sure who is on the more dangerous assignment, Julian or Clara?

Sukhi explored as far as Interim camp, a 5:15 hour return trip, so Sukhi is fit (and well). She will have a rest day tomorrow and the crew will probably take some loads to Interim the next day, supplies for our Buddhist puja (ceremony to respect the mountain). We are stil not sure when we will move up to ABC (Advanced Base Camp, 6400m).

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