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Everest 2005



Road trip

Base camp


BC grit

to ABC

at ABC


Hard yakka up

We arrive at ABC beat but happy to be here, and comfortable too

16 April - Interim Camp 5782m

We were up early packing before the sun hit, and the final weight was 1440kgs of gear to take to ABC - yep, that is 3168 pounds, the weight of an average small car. Except that there is no road, so on the backs of yaks it went, all 26 of them. We also shouldered decent loads, our clothing and gear for the 2 day trek up, Jamie the computer system and Julian, appropriately, one of the med kits.

The crew, Julian and Jamie cruised up to Interim camp where we set up tents, Moe and Sukhi taking it more slowly arrived later once everything was set up - very sensible!

Mr Yak and Mr Moe.
Big, ugly and hairy?!

Late in the afternoon we saw a Chinese member being carried down by some Tibetans, although we offered a doctor and oxygen, they carried on down losing altitude quickly - we hope quickly enough.

17 April - ABC

We made it, everyone! Which is better than in 2003 when two of the Irish team had to camp on the way.

The sun hit our tents around 6am and we hit the trail around 8am, breathing hard.

Julian's amazing shot showing Everest/Chomolungma with the cloud spilling off it, to the right is Changtse (North Peak, ~7400m) and the trail zig-zagging up. Dawa and Da'Nuru are walking with the first set of yaks, Julian (unseen) close behind.

Thank goodness for yaks! The have no problems with the 6000m/20,000ft
altitude even loaded up. Yes, those are Glacial ice fins, but there is a narrow tongue of moraine (ie rocky rubble) that continues all the way with a small, rough trail on it.
And yes, those are our plastic garden chairs too!

 It really is a tough walk, and the hard work doesn't stop on arrival as we had to make our camp. Today we have made a good space for our wonderful 2 metre dome north face dining tent (quite simply the dog's bollocks for you English reading this!), and we will sleep in it and make smaller tent platforms tomorrow. So tonight we are central Asian style again, the floor covered in mats. And of course the kitchen tent is up. Our friends at Arun Treks Nepal reserved a good space for us, and we are even partially sheltered from the wind, a real blessing as the crew, Julian and myself have seen many destroyed tents here in previous years.

The altitude of our camp is almost exactly 6400m/21,000ft, higher than Denali and most mountains around the planet, apart from the Greater Himalaya, and a few Andean peaks.

Everyone is well, although Moe is asleep in the corner. Sukhi had the energy to pray before eating to recover. The crew are in fine form.

As we arrived at ABC we watched (yet another) person obviously sick from another expedition being loaded onto a yak for the journey down.

More tomorrow evening once our camp is fully set up.

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