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ABC Puja

We offer respect for the mountain with our friends

The puja went very well, now we prepare to step on the mountain

24 April - ABC 6400m

Sukhi is feeling good, Moe is feeling better. Being the full moon and Buddha Jyanti, Buddha's birthday, it was an auspicious day for our puja.

Dawa Gelje is normally our lama, but instead his family's special best friend,
Tenzin, officiated for us, helped by Dawa's sister's husband.

The sonorous voices throbbed around us and part way thru Everest-Chomolungma cleared of cloud, it was pleasantly warm.

Da' Yula ties the lungda to the sakshin, with Everest-Chomolungma in the background

Dawa ties the last set of flags for the Tibetan fifth dimension, up-down.

After a great lunch - Dawa is a superb cook - it began snowing as we prepare for tomorrow. Providing Sukhi has the blessing of her parents, she will head up tomorrow. We just found that she has the blessing and so will go to sleep on the North Col ~7000m tomorrow and probably the next night as well, accompanied by Da'Oangchu; great acclimatisation. Dawa, myself and Da'Oangchu will carry loads to the North Col. Moe will probably trek to the ropes again and see by how much he beats his previous time.

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