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29 April - ABC

Julian planned his first trip up to the North Col today, we packed, not too early as usual, and the wind, already coming in occasional tent-shaking gusts, picked up more.

Julian wonders about the wind, a huge plume off Everest.

It was only after a good hour that we knew we had made the right decision when Da'Yula and a couple of other Arun sherpas turned up saying the wind on the ropes was cold. We had at the last minute packed our down mittens, thinking they might be necessary, so it was a bit disconcerting to see the sherpas waving their hands around in white gardening gloves; one of the Sherpa's and Tibetan genetic adaptations to altitude is the fact circulation to their hands isn't cut off in cold conditions.


We haven't heard from Moe, which is probably a good sign. Moe, if you read this, from Snake (a friend in the USA?):

Old method but works in the field. Burn wood (non-toxic wood) or that grass they have growing in those parts.  Do not turn it to ash, but carbonize it.  Make a slurry of water (hot) and this charcoal.  Drink it. (nasty stuff)  If you drink enough, it will plug you up and when you do take a shit, the entire world will know.  The sooner the better.


Moe, you don't want to read the PS.

Thanks, Snake - I had forgotten about the activated charcoal tablets, will look thru the kit. They were our first line in Egypt. If we don't have, we will get Moe eating trees...

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