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Our plans

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Da'Yula, Lhakpa and Da'Ngima, all new summitteers from the Tibet side: Arun treks sherpas

23 May - Seattle plans

We are sitting in our wonderful dining tent discussing plans, well, mainly the Seattle team. Michael has summitted, sounds rough, but feels good. Now comes the toughest decisions; we have discussed the weather, there is no obvious window until at least 29 May, well into the guess-field.

Ambrose has a chest infection but is getting better, almost back to normal. Scott has been quiet, he has pulled a breathing muscle or perhaps cracked a rib, but is only uncomfortable at night. He says he doesn't need to head back up - doesn't ever have to come back, there are plenty of other mountains that have draw. Ryan has the most contradictory thoughts, really would like to summit, but having a 'debrief' has distilled his thoughts, but only to the point where he can't decide.

Michael says that summitting was a personal satisfaction, the highest peak in the world really is a lot tougher than people think, he says.

Scott, Julian the challenger, Ryan the prevaricator, Ambrose, Mike the summitteer
and Duncan filming

What is their final decision? you might have to wait...

23 May - our plans

We are waiting good weather out - how long for, we are not sure, but at the moment we are in for the long haul, and the first possible window is 28-29 May, and doesn't look particularly hopeful yet.

Today our second trekking group arrived, a couple had turned back but everyone else was looking surprisingly well. They are staying at Changtse BC, a couple of hours down but came up for lunch. Not sure if we put them off or not!

Paul, Mike and Liz Jenkins, Belinda, (Moe), Kipa (sirdar-guide) and (Julian)

I think it is beer o'clock! We have been here long enough...
Julian says even Budweiser is embarrassingly pleasurable.

And later tonight or tomorrow we will post Michael's summit pix and dispatch.

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