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Autumn 2005

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Leaving ABC

Everyone leaves in three groups after a successful expedition

7 Oct: to BC and Nyalam

Everyone set off around 8 am for the now easy walk to BC to meet Landcruisers for the drive to Nyalam. Is it only Jamie who enjoys Nyalam? We will see. At least the Chinese food should be good.

Leaving are: Warwick, Bob, Simona, Mike, Greg, Scott, Ed and Da'Yula. Chris left yesterday for Cho Oyu.

Staying are Andrew, Inigo, Jamie, Dawa, Pasang, Nima, Tawa, Dorje and Tsering Dorje.

It has started snowing at ABC, so everyone left just in time! Our first real afternoon squall. The weather has definitely changed.

7 Oct: progress on the mountain

Andrew and Inigo are at Camp 3 (7451m), being pummelled by high winds and did not make a summit attempt. They will rest here today and try tomorrow.

Jamie was to head up today for a solo new route on Shishapangma but woke to a horrible head cold and so has stayed in ABC to work on this. The sherpas have packed the tents of those who have headed down, and are waiting to clear the mountain.

Chris should be close to Cho Oyu now, we wish him luck!

8 Oct: Kathmandu?

Everybody should make Kathmandu this day, barring unforeseen holdups. You can look for to an email from loved ones today and tomorrow.

Andrew and Inigo summitted today! CONGRATULATIONS, they pulled off the double.

A Tibetan snowcock near ABC, they are plump birds, surprisingly well camouflaged,
except for their loud cries. They are not eaten by sherpas or Tibetans - Mike Teger

A Tibetan jewellery seller, he didn't get much business from our group - get the hint?
- Mike Teger

9 Oct: Andrew and Inigo off the mountain

Andrew and Inigo arrived back at ABC today, tired but happy.

The sherpas climbed to Camp 2 and cleared all our tents except for one at Camp 3 for Monty Smith and Val. We really hope they will bring this down but bet they don't.

10 Oct: packing

Andrew didn't sleep last night, and only had one Red Bull at around 4pm! Many people don't sleep well their first night back at ABC.

11 Oct: to BC!

We will head down to BC with our 27 yaks, and then see how far we get. We may stay at BC, we may reach Nyalam or even Zhangmu. Regardless, Kathmandu tomorrow!!

The crew, myself and Inigo and Andrew are really looking forward to it.

12 Oct: Kathmandu!

Hot showers! The crew, Andrew and Inigo reached Kathmandu today. Now the unpacking, washing and sorting starts.

Standing: Tsering Dorje, Tawa, Jamie McG, Dorje, Scott Streett, Dawa, Greg Long, Ed Kowalski, Pasang and Warwick Barnes
Lower: Mike Teger, Bob Breivogel, Simona Pogac, Da'Yula, Nima

The team at the end, minus Chris Klinke who is on Cho Oyu - by Fred Strang from Sweden

Thanks for all your support. Our next expedition is Everest in April-May-June.

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