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ABC waiting II

When will the snow fall?

22 Sept ABC 5640m

We are waiting. And waiting. The bad jokes are coming out including Jimmy the Rooster, and tales of climbing lore, and the running of the bulls in Pamplona. Iņaki holds the table...

Mark arrived back at ABC with a full pack from Camp 1, as high as he could comfortably and safely go by himself. Tomorrow might be the day for making plans.

Yes, we are waiting. Only a little snow fell at ABC today, none has settled. Now it seems that a bigger fall might happen only in a day or two - or not at all.

Quite a few teams are ferrying loads to C1, and a few teams bring down gear too; it is hard to keep track of all the movement. We are staying at ABC though, waiting.

Pumpkin pie was the highlight of the food day.

23 Sept ABC

We woke to a little morning snow, perhaps 2 cms or so had fallen overnight.

I could not persuade Mark to stay with us, so he will go down tomorrow to BC and then Zhangmu. Mark was happy with the service and enjoyed the dining dome, playing his part. I can only speculate that he has another plan that is isn't letting out, perhaps one with his wife for next season? Or perhaps a real holiday?

Clive turned up at dinner feeling properly sick, and a few others felt ever so queasy.

The weather systems moving over Shishapangma have been changing direction. At dinner time a big system scudded across the sky, turning ABC cold, but, surprisingly, didn't start dropping snow.

Tibetan Snowcock coming close to camp wondering if we might feed them (we do). Photo by Mark Hose.

More bad weather rolling in, but not doing too much...

24 Sept ABC

Clive feels good again and so does everyone else.

Some of us got up earlier than usual to see Mark off. He headed away fairly smartly, carrying a large pack, hopefully beating the weather down.

There was a few (2) millimeters of snow on the tents; perhaps the weather man mixed up the units, was the breakfast conjecture. Now at lunch time the snow is definitely falling, but at ABC it is light and not settling on the ground. Over Shishapangma the cloud is thicker, but it doesn't seem as if the mountain is getting a huge dump (yet). Kathmandu is expecting heavy rain from the north, and our snow is also falling from the north.

We are working on a team page, as friends has pointed out we need more team photos...

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