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Up we go

ABC - Depot Camp

The weather turns fine, cold and windy

26 Sept ABC

Today was another day of waiting but this time with anticipation. The weather has turned and our forecast looks accurate, days of westerly winds ahead. Normally we try to summit in the period between the monsoon end and before the arrival of the westerlies. This season there has been no window. We spent the afternoon and evening discussing plans so that we remain as flexible as possible and understand the conditions well.

27 Sept Depot Camp

Many other teams plan to sleep at Camp 1 today, then Camp 2 tomorrow, and try to summit from Camp 2 (not Camp 3) the day after. We might avoid the area. We will be taking it more slowly.

The weather is perfectly fine and should be for days, with high winds on the summit and higher areas in the afternoons.

We are taking our satellite phone and will have email for at least some of the time - perhaps not from Camp 3 though.

I posted to our blogspot address while we were high on the mountain but this is now transferred to the next page.

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