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Down we come

Back to ABC

We tried our best but snow conditions were dangerous.

3 Oct to ABC

We packed Camp 2 in windy conditions and headed down the hill; at least we thought it was windy at C2. Camp 1 was an icy hell with a howling, spindrift-laden wind, barely possible to talk. Serke, our cook, had come up to help pack, and with his help Dawa and Namgyal managed to shift everything in monstrous, snow-filled loads to Depot camp. We all struggled down with our own gear, most leaving some things at Depot Camp, being too close to exhaustion. It is probably the only time in the world we would ever eat cold fried spam and cold chips with ketchup as a pick-me-up. We all did.

Dawa carries a load clearing Camp 1: photo by Serke

And Namgyal also with a big and HEAVY load: photo by Dawa

Serke also helped clear Camp 1: photo by Dawa

Falling into ABC though, warm smiles welcomed us. Meat momos (fried Tibetan-style dumplings) made for a top dinner, even if most people could only eat a basic plate; with our shrunken stomachs. Coke and beer never tasted as good!

4 Oct ABC

Our forecast said it would get windier; it didn't say there would be hurricane-force winds though. Our timing was perfect. I am guessing that today most tents on the mountain, unless dug deep in the snow, will be destroyed. In fact I am surprised there is a mountain left, the wind plume is flying kilometres off Shishapangma.

Da'Nuru headed down to BC this morning to work out when we can leave. Dorje and Tsewang (from another camp) headed up with Corinne to meet Iņaki and to help clear Depot Camp. If they can't carry everything there is always tomorrow.

Dorje and Tsewang have just arrived with MONSTER loads, probably 35kgs or more each!

All our staff have really carried way more than has been required, real dedication that we all appreciate.

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