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To Shigatse

We drive to Tibet's second biggest city, which is really more of a town

6 Sept - drive Shigatse

On the road... Lunch was probably the worst we have had on the trip to BC, but hey, one ordinary meal out of all of them? We have done well.

Over lunch though, some "Yerchagunbu" salesmen came thru. This is a magic plant-animal thing that I first heard of many years ago in Dolpo, although they couldn't show me one. I am a skeptic by nature, but in the last five years or so it has become a really popular medicine. And it really is a mix between animal and plant, see below.

The salesman - Jamie

Yerchagunbu, the real deal - Jamie

It is a caterpillar that, perhaps unfortunately, rubs against mushrooms and bizarrely the mushroom spores grows out of its head, really, truly.
Apparently they can only be found in West Nepal and sell, dried, for around $3000 a kilo, or around $5-6 for one.

Atmospheric, before we drove into the rain - Jamie

Buckwheat or "papa", which despite the name isn't the least bit related to wheat, but is made into flour later - Jamie

The red rock village, actually on the way to Shegar - Jamie

Eric and James passing time - Jamie
James lost, as his father predicted after seeing this photo!

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