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ABC photos

We headed up to ABC and back to BC

We are waiting and trying to stay acclimatized; the waiting game.

Team update

Here is a real update on everyone, details i am often wary of putting up as family and friends worry; don't worry!

Esther Tan has had a sore point on her rib cage on one side from light coughing, that annoying cough when you want to talk... Since she hasn't been coughing severely it is extremely unlikely to be a broken rib. Dr Carol from our North Col team suggested that it is inflammation of some of the cartilage and ibuprofen certainly has helped, allowing Ether to gradually recover. She still has slight soreness occasionally but is confident this is recovering and won't affect her summit chances. She is moving well, and sleeping well at BC.

 Grant Rawlinson had a tooth abscess, which was very painful but antibiotics fully knocked that back. He also had an "episode" at ABC the first time up, some shortness of breath at night, and came down to BC with assistance from our staff, and taking the occasional puff of bottled oxygen. This sort of thing really is worrying but after being checked by a couple of doctors, he has been given the all clear to head up cautiously. His second time up to ABC and continuing to North Col went perfectly, sleeping at North Col, so he now feels positive, and is generally feeling good. He has been reasonably quick on the trail too.

Ismail feels good, strong at altitude and is more than ready for the summit, even if the mountain isn't yet ready for us. We have satisfied his red meat cravings too, with several legs of yak.

Ismail at ABC

Ismail - yes, yak meat! - Jamie

Kenneth Koh is fine, all healthy, and Jamling is working really well as personal sherpa. Thanks, Jamling!

Jim Morrow - nothing fazes Jim, he is fit and healthy and a good team player.

Luke Smithwick guided the ABC trek and North Col group with Nima Griman, and spent the night up at North Col with Grant to ensure all was ok. He is feeling fit, all good, and has put on the occasional movie evening at BC.

11 May 2011 - to Interim camp

Yes, we did head up and everyone made good time.

12 May - to ABC

While the walk to Interim feels quite straightforward, easy, the altitude from Interim at 5800m to the 6380m ABC really kicks in and even though we are acclimatized, it still slows us down.

Ice serac

Esther inspects the way, the ice has melted and now this section is impassable,
we had to take a longer detour around (and yes, the serac does look rather precarious too) - Jamie

Jamling Bhote

Jamling in the ABC kitchen tent, a pancake snack - Jamie

13 May - ABC

We decided to stay an extra day as the weather forecasts and other factors showed that we might have a long wait. The first summit window is needed by the Tibet Guide School rope fixing team, who have fixed ropes to 8300m, but still have the section from there to the summit to fix. They have yet to commit as to when they will do this, and have been waiting for a good forecast so as to minimize the risk of frostbite for the rope fixers.

The crew have been on the mountain, carrying a second load of oxygen to 8300m, a really tough job. All respect.


Pasang, Karsang's brother, making a stone path in our ABC - Jamie
This is the longest I have ever seen snow sitting around ABC, the whole time we have been there so far.

Kenneth Koh at ABC

Ken, Ismail and Jim in our ABC Mountain Hardwear Stronghold dining tent - Jamie

Juan and Alissa

Juan and Alissa were part of the North Col climbing team, the hardcore that made it - Jamie
And thanks from all the staff to all the ABC trekkers and North Col climbers for the tips!

Nawang Geden

Nawang Geden after a tough load carry to 8300m - Jamie

Esther Tan

Esther Tan stretches - Jamie

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