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All rights reserved

Our Project Himalaya website really is 100% our own, from the design to the entire text and all photos

This means that except for the brief purpose of research or review or to share on social media websites you can NOT use any text or images or unique aspects of design employed in this entire website.


All text is copyright their respective owners. The majority of the text was written by Jamie McGuinness. File names that start with a "k" are written by Kim Bannister and file names beginning with a "j" were written by Joel Schone.

In the diaries section the owner of the copyright is the author.


All images are copyright their owner, sometimes credited below the picture, sometimes only by the file name first letter as above. Jamie McGuinness shot the majority of photos with some from Kim Bannister, Joel Schone and Luke Smithwick. Uncredited pictures on other pages are normally Jamie McGuinness's.

Jamie McGuinness's images are covered by the Creative Commons copyright, see the details here.

Commercial use not allowed, unless written permission is given.

Interested in using an image? Please ask, and send us the image. If it is Jamie's image or an expedition image, in most cases I can send the original, usually with a quick turnaround time. Most images are from a Canon 5D or 5D mark II or Canon 5D mark III, and JPEG, RAW and DNG versions are available.

Originals of Kim's images have a long turn around time. Joel's are unavailable. All their photos are jpeg only.

Standard rates from major magazines and newspapers are normally acceptable.


This website is designed by Jamie McGuinness (and, yes, is getting long in the tooth, I am working on a new one...)

Project Himalaya Logos

The Project Himalaya logo and the snow leopard footprint are copyrighted by Project Himalaya and CANNOT be used by anybody else.

Jamie McGuinness 19 June 2012

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